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Graphic Design

Graphic design is the language depicted in the visual communication we are exposed to, everyday. Its role is to order information so that the message is clear and concise to the viewer - easily absorbed and retained or acted upon. A.S. Software Solutions depict your content in a visually stimulating style, ordering key points, defining a heirachy of information that generates interest, intrigue and understanding. A.S. Software Solutions designers are experts at creating an appropriate format, clearly refining the message and recipient, whilst integrating with corporate brand guidelines as required. We work with you to formalise your design approach direction, establishing what is appropriate for your clients, how they interact with you and your business, tailoring our design solutions to meet your requirements.

Our graphic design solutions are normally composed of a mixture of text and imagery or graphics, based on a client project brief. This project brief is a summary of the objectives, aims and ambitions to be realised using this visual language. Key aims may be to generate contact, obtain a sale, maintain brand awareness, loyalty or attendance of an event. It is important to get the collateral retained and remembered, as they may not use your product or service now, but familiarity generates trust, which in turn make the task of selling in the future much easier.

At A.S. Software Solutions graphic design includes a vast number of artistic disciplines, from illustration to animation, from photography to freehand drawing, from web to print. Our designers are experienced, competent and highly motivated, delivering creative solutions to our clients that consistently fulfil their objectives. We are a full service graphic design agency equipped both creatively and practically to cater for any client project brief.

Our graphic design pointers for a successful project:

  • What are you selling or promoting - and why? If you can answer these two questions, you are well on your way to a successful project... these answers essentially dictate the aims, direction, budget and timescale - get them right and the project should run quite smoothly!
  • Establish the aims for your design project, the requirements, target market and what the core call to action is.
  • Discuss appropriate formats that can be explored to meet the project requirements - we can help if you are unsure!
  • Shortlist the companies that are likely to fulfil your brief on time and on budget - invite them in for a chat, or visit heir studio - personality and chemistry are important in this new relationship, as if it goes well, you will be seeing a lot more of each other...
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